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KUKA Repair – now part of our portfolio

We now offer refurbishment/repair, exchange and replacement parts for the KCP2 and KCP4 handheld devices manufactured by KUKA.

With every repair as well as with every exchange or replacement part for KCP2 / KCP4 handheld devices purchased via BVS, we not only exchange all defective electronic and mechanical components but also all components that have become worn through age or use.

Furthermore, we only use components approved by the manufacturer or legislator to repair your KCP2 / KCP4 handheld devices. Because of this, you will receive our standard 18-month warranty on your complete KCP2 / KCP4 handheld device, which covers all related products and services.

Instead of a purely software-based simulation, we test all refurbished KCP2 / KCP4 handheld devices with an original KRC2 and KRC4 KUKA robot (see image to right). This means we can comprehensively test your KCP2 / KCP4 handheld devices both in terms of their functions and also under conditions that correspond to the devices' actual working environment.


  • Up to 50% savings on the manufacturer's list price
  • 18-month warranty on the complete KCP2 / KCP4 handheld device for repair, exchange and replacement parts
  • Preventative exchange of all parts that are worn due to age or use
  • Exclusive use of approved components
  • Tested with the real KRC2 / KRC4 KUKA robots
  • We restore the full functionality of the 6D mouse
  • High availability and fast repair times